Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pssst....Over Here....Yeah...

Okay, so I feel like a flightless bird- or a bird with no wings-all having to briefly blog at work. *sigh* My computer monitor BLEW and instead of getting a new laptop-like I should've done a minute ago, instead I spend my money on various flights of fancy and have nothing but cool shoes and a softer tummy to show for it.

Anyways, there's been so much I've been wanting to tell you about...I hope I remember everything...not like I finally finshed the book and have an agent and Idris Elba has come to his senses and is breakin' my back on the regs!-just interesting little vittles.

I didn't want my loyal 3 readers to feel neglected or be under the impression that I have gotten a life or something.
Will have NONE of that.

Be back shortly, the new monitor is up, the insanity will continue!

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