Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Summer In One Rap Verse

Like A Hot Dude In Shorts Made of Jeans

*A rap verse written by Me. Think Dre beat circa mid 90’s with Nate Dogg singing the hook.*

It was the summer time and my moccasins were fresh like a Corona with a lime
I was making that paper working part-time
Wearing cotton sundresses so my labia could breathe- I couldn’t conceive wearing anything tight
Though I got some jeggin’s to let dudes know it’s all chocha not a dick in sight-
Oh me oh my, look at what’s before my eyes
Broad shouldered, shaved head dude, eyes the color of night
Then I look down to see which way he leaned and that’s when I saw he was wearing shorts made of jeans…

Chorus: Coulda been a baby daddy/ Woulda let you fingerbang me
Like A.Keys and Swizz Beats we coulda been happy
Why you gotta be so mean…wearin’ shorts made of jeans.
Jeans. Short made of jeans (repeat 2x’s)

Be on the look out for My Summer in a 2 part collage. Will be pretty epic.

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