Monday, September 20, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Don't Tell Lois Lane...

This might be a TWO BLOG DAY! Woah. Mostly because I am bloggin’ so early, and also there may be a chance I’ll be boning Clark Kent some time during the work hours!!
Monday’s usually aren’t this exciting for me since I am focused on staying awake and wondering what the fuck I’m wearing. Like today, it seemed like a good idea to bust out the new grey tie-ups (shoes), a greenish dress, grey sweater and black peep hole stockings…then I have it on and I feel I look like I wandered too far from the boutique I work at in Park Slope…or maybe the day care center I work at in Park Slope. In my sleepy mind’s eye I look very Anthropologie-in reality, not so much. This all has nothing to do with me boning CK- so there I am entering the building with my usual coffee and faraway stare. Usually my papi’s greet me. One’s older and the other …isn’t. Today it was just the older papi AND CLARK KENT. It was too early for that shit!
My Older Papi –now it’s his name- greets me and we chat n’ do our usual shit talk. He always tells me I am too pretty to work here and I always agree- then there is Clark Kent. He smiles, says hi- and is BLUSHING when he adds, “ You are too pretty to work here, but I’m glad I get to see you most days.” I believe I sipped my coffee. I then stare at him a bit and said, “Oh…”
No ‘thank you’ or ‘let us find a quite spot to festively bone’. NO. Just ‘oh’. He was nervous, I was an asshat…and then I just walked away. This was when I bumped into Baby Arm Me and I’m thinking: this just keeps getting better.
Baby Arm Me seems happy to see me and is chatty. I am still in shock about CK so I seem frightfully giddy as well- with the prospect of the boning.
We’ll see how this all plays out….

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