Monday, September 27, 2010

New Term: Outho'd

Outho'ing oneself is a fierce epidemic that is spreading across the land! What does it mean?? I can give a few examples and then you can ask yourself: have I outho'd myself today?

A lil bit o' ho helps depending on the situation- that is for the non ho-like individual. Basically a chick just getting by wearing clothes that look nice for any occasion or a dude who isn't trying to stick it in anything with a hole. People you can leave your significant others alone in a room and know nothing will happen. These people are fun and clever, and genuinely fun to be around.
An example: me! :)

Then there are the people that are proud card carrying ho's. We all have different definitions of what makes a ho,but basically anyone who is all about fucking strangers in bathrooms and wearing 100% lycra 24/7- you've got a lot of ho in you. And that's okay. Am sure you have your lil bit o' ho moments but mostly you don't give a fuck and let the ho take over. That's cool too.
Even though you don't give a fuck there are times when you're even shocked by your ho capabilities and you say to yourself: damn, I have truly out ho'd myself.
Some examples:

- you wake up (of course not knowing where you are) and you have what you believe are 5 different tastes of ejac in your mouth.

- you've decided that your underwear IS a part of your outerwear

- skrippers (these are the down for whateva chicks, strippers have limits)/douchebags/random asshats can't even meet your eye

- your mom doesn't acknowledge you in public

...there are plenty more, but you get my drift. This stroke of genius came to me when I saw pics from Rihanna's latest video shoot where she has on the TIGHTEST short shorts ever with her spanx showing (see pic above). Here is a chick who wears bathing suits and heels to red carpet events yet she found a way to outho herself. Takes ingenuity and some would say reckless abandon.

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