Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Annoyed.

Today I am tired-my own fault –which leads to me being annoyed. Things that I can usually just cast a look of disdain at I now find utterly annoying. One of the top things is condescension.
A little more than my utter hatred of White people with ‘dreadlocks’ lies my hatred of condescension. I’m used to it having worked in Corporate America and in my dealings with assholes. When I am not sleepy …and maybe still drunk…I can deal. No sweat off my balls. Am thick skinned and usually pity people who feel the need to act in a condescending manner.
Mr. Burns aka my big Jewish boss who should be home or going home or something today- speaks fluent in Condescending Ass. Condescending Ass should never be confused with Douche Speak- but I digress. Now normally Mr. Burns stays in his lane with me. It may be the looks I throw him or how I ignore him till he speaks to me in human being. Perhaps he feels all refreshed after being in Italy all last week-in any case he was getting it poppin’ today. Most of the time I can never tell how my face is showing someone how much I hate them and wish them to choke on a vat of uncircumcised dicks, but today I could tell.

All I know is an hour later Mr. Burns was all smiling in my face like I wished him a happy new year or something. I didn’t. Though I’ll be less likely to push him into traffic tomorrow after I’ve had an appropriate amount of sleep and have started part 1 of my summer collage on Paint.

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