Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Place Where I Work: We Don't Gossip, We Chat

Lauren and I are not gossipers but we do have some funny conversations about people- remember Lauren and I worked together years ago at Hell aka an architecture firm that seemed like the 4th ring of Hell. We know we can chat with each other comfortably with no agenda’s or anything getting back to anyone.
Since Lauren has been here longer than I, she knows a lot more about people and situations- not because she wants to, just because peeps tell her things. Must admit she does look very trusting.
Anywho, she totally blew my mind today…TWICE.

First with another interesting fact about the OLD dude with the standing office- because he wants to slow aging (he is OLLLLD) and keep his svelte shape (he is OLLLLD)- turns out he also wears pantyhose to keep his bod smooth and controlled. Yep.
Then she totally had me speechless with this next thing. Speechless to the point that there were tears in my eyes because of alllll the emotion I was holding in but couldn’t express. Sit down.
Lauren doesn’t think too highly of Baby Arm Me (see I knew I was right about her) she says she is gossipy and kinda mean. For some reason though, Baby Arm Me goes out of her way to chat with Lauren. She even told her about the time she worked at a hair salon. THAT is what had me speechless. Lauren says she stared at her a long while- her baby arm is non-funtional so she really has one arm. Baby Arm Me worked at a hair salon. This will have me feeling a certain way for the rest of the week because something tells me she wasn’t just answering phones…
Baby Arm Me also assumed Lauren was a BIG weed head- Lauren looks more dreamy pretty than stoned (HA!). Lauren let Baby Arm Me know that she is not a stoner- Baby Arm Me was shocked because SHE is a BIG weed head and was looking for tips on passing the drug test.
Just keeps getting better.

In other news, I did not have sex with Clark Kent (yet) but hope is still alive.

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