Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Straws 1 Milkshake

Please do not associate this with that DISGUSTING 'two girls one cup' thing. I never watched that- thanks to the hype, I heard about it and KNEW it wasn't for me. Also, I am not that curious.
Anywho, so one night while eating with my homie Jesse, I stopped mid convo when one of the waiters put one milkshake with three straws in front of two guys and one girl.
Jesse had to check it out and we then agreed that this was the prelude to a long train run. Or just a menage a trois. There was no doubt that these three were going to be boning- I mean why else would THREE grown ass adults share a milkshake like that????
We all know I am a greedy bitch so my opinion may be solely based on ME not being into sharing MY milkshake...but really, come on???!!

...then I got to thinking (this is always good): Who would I share a milkshake with knowing it would lead to me being the peanut butter in a sammich...

1. Tom and John Raffeo (Parks & Recreation)- this would not only be hilarious, but lucrative.
The evening would begin with a strawberry milkshake at Shake Shack (Madison Square Park)and end in the dog park at Madison Square Park-perhaps with some doggy style!!! *high 5*

2. Idris Elba and Maxwell- this would be the most sensual three way EVER!!!!
The evening would begin at Stand4 (Union Square), we would be sipping a STIFF chocolate shake laced with whiskey and end in a room at the Soho Grand-and perhaps a wheelchair for me because I'd be unable to walk after this interlude.

3. Alexander Skarsgard and Joel Kinnaman (Eric Northam-TrueBlood and Stephen Holder-The Killing)- I have never been into blond haired n' blue eyed dudes but these 2 Swedes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The evening would begin with a vanilla milkshake at Good Burger (all around NYC)and end at one of Trumps hotels- mostly because Donald Trump is a racist dick who wouldn't see the beauty in me getting deep dicked by 2 White boys!!

The list could go on, but then I'd feel like a big ole slut!

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