Monday, May 16, 2011

RE: ...And Another Thing!

Okay, because I am like Vanilla Ice-meaning I have a problem, yo I'll solve it. My problem with floral arrangements on maxi-pads can be solved by putting something useful on a pad.
My suggestions: a baby and someone you hate.

A baby to keep you motivated. Like: this is what I'm bleeding for eventually when I am ready and have found a suitable seed dropper. The above pic would be my baby motivator-I would still punch my way through cramps (and possibly punch people), but look at that baby. Awww lil Fromage (because I loves me some cheese) will be worth it!

Putting someone you hate directly on the pad would be a great way to work through the menses. In my case: Ke$ha. Put her on the pad and boom, I'd be aight with all the toil n' boil.

Problem solved.

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