Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June 11th-15th.

The picture above is me with an eyepatch and a sexy mole- that looks like a clump of pubic hair on my face. All part of the game de diguises.

Anywho, a few years ago I took like 2 personality tests and both said I am like Madonna and OOOOOPRAHHHHHH! Since I got the same results twice I believe them to be true.
Like Madonna I do a MEAN fake British accent and am the QUEEN of reinvention- meaning I have gone from hating skinny jeans to owning a few pairs.
....and like Oprah I would like the 4 days leading up to my birthday to be days of reflection. Reflection about me. Good, bad, ugly, inbetween. I feel people should think about my impact on their lives-maybe even tell me about it.
In any case, the days will be leading up to an end. The end of me using my REAL age and the time I start using my LADY age. I guess I have reached that trivial point in a womans life when she starts lying about her age.
Hate to be so...predictable and lame, but it's just how the boobies sag- not mine- but boobies can.

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