Sunday, May 1, 2011

"My balls will be touching things..."

Now that I am almost caught up with life- mostly with the show Nikita aka my guilty pleasure- I feel that I can blog again (sang like Toni Braxton's 'Breathe Again'). Besides a computer monitor that blew I have been effin' TIRED. Trying to balance work, a life and a little writing. Very little. To the point where I got into one of my funks again...all boil n' toil.
Enough of that. Am pulling myself up by the moccasins and stop being a lazy twat and GO GO GO!

So with the work thing. There was a point when the The Doctor came up to my desk and some music was playing and we began dancing together. Needless to say there are good vibes in the office, but more importantly they want to hire me and E, but more more importantly the money has got to be right. Am all for good work vibes, but I mostly want to get paid ESPECIALLY since this isn't my calling. My calling = writing novels involving passion plays, mystery and/or zombies who say 'cock' a lot.
We shall see..
OH, so Ruddy Kors has been on a temp rampage, not really a rampage just has gone through a lot of temps. We all know of my fondness for Johnny Blue Eyes...then RK gets this unfortunate chick to work with us for like 2 days. It wasn't that she was unfortunate...just her face. Now I am the last- the second to last person to call someone ugly...but upon getting off the elevator and seeing this chick waiting for me to let her in the office...I!
Let me reiterate- I dropped my $5 Starbucks coffee...which is BLASPHEMY mostly because that shit is EXPENSIVE!
Everyone who wasn't prepared for her face kinda jumped and wondered what was up. My conclusion was a previous life that consisted of meth and pole dancing in the back of an RV.

...and just to note, I now have 2 nipple pimples ON MY FACE! This is what I get for being so shallow. Now I am someones unfortunate girl. *sigh*

Alright, this is all a bit rushed because I have to shower and get snacks for Lego Club. Yep. Me, B, B's bro and Jesse have formed a Lego Club. We go to Lego World in Manhattan. We get pieces and we build shit.
Do not be jealous.

As for the title of this entry...everyone has been into this whole Royal Wedding thing. I could give not even 3/4's of a fuck. Of course I couldn't escape it though. As I sipped a sparkling rose` and ate Bonchon chicken n' macaroons, I watched 15 million commentaries on the wedding. Oh, I was at Brooklyn Kat's crib and during one of the many times we watched Prince William walk Kate down the aisle she asks: why the hell is he smiling so goofily?
My response: because he's finally going to get in BALLS DEEP. Katey's a lady and only let the tip in...tonight though, his balls will be touching things.

That is my wish for find true love and have the balls touch things.

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