Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Inspired Eating

These are the times when I ate good things during an inspiring moment or maybe the food inspired me-or made me less punch happy.

1. This was when I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met. To say that I was inspired by the exhibit is an understatement...I was thoroughly overwhelmed in the best way! Being overwhelmed makes me hungry. My friend Mel and I tried to find a Le Pain Quotiden-just keep it real classy like, BUT when you're looking for a Le Pain Quotiden you will.not.find.one.
So, we wound up at an Upper East Side staple: EJ's Diner. I call it and UES staple because there were Jews of various ages, genders and statuses (i.e. single, married, with children, etc.).
I got the Southern Breakfast which included: grits, scrambled eggs, a biscuit, gravy which I didn't really use thanks to my sodium consciousness) and chicken apple sausage. It was no Cracker Barrel, but it was delish!

2. Mel decided to get the chicken salad sandwich. Mmmm mmmmm....

3. This was after I saw the movie Bridesmaids-not that the movie was inspiring, more hilarious-but this is a Shake Shack shake-black & white of course. Just a Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) shake in itself is inspiring. It inspires my thighs and ass to get more video chick ready- 'yellow model chick, yellow Lamborghini...yellow dimpled thighs'....woah.

4. OMG! I LOVE GRAVALOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sidecar (Park Slope) keeps making it hard for me to go anywhere else when I am in the Slope. That and the fact that I enjoy (and HE enjoys) sexually harassing the trapeze artist waiter.
So, I was at Sidecar having a bi'ness brunch. Big things are on the horizon-watch out!

5. Though I was pretty satisfied with my bloody mary and gravalox, I ordered the migas- scrambled eggs with tortilla, guac and cheese. Effin' delish- Sidecar fails to disappoint!

6. Alas, me sipping that delish bloody mary. Oh man, I loves eatin'. Am inspired by food all day, every day!

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