Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reasons Why I Like AMC's "The Killing" by Me

There was a void in my Sunday nights. With TrueBlood and The Walking Dead not coming back on for a long while I found myself reading, writing...mostly watching reality TV-then The Killing started...well it was more like Jesse told me I should be watching this show. Because Jesse has stellar taste, I watched and am now hooked.
Here are a few reasons why I was sucked into Rosie Larson's murder mysterious world:

- there is a small part of me, the part that forgets that I am African-American and therefore have African-American hair. this small part of me would live in Seattle-where the show takes place. something about the lush green makes me wanna drink coffee and write folk music about my cat n' my soul. then one realizes that it rains. not like a few times a month, but like ALL THE TIME!!! rain and African-Am hair are NOT friends. *sigh* Seattle is a great backdrop for the story being told though.

- I love the lead detective-Sarah Linden- her face is amazing. something in those eyes. she is GREAT, perfect mix of strong and sensitive. her partner-Stephen Holden- is my favorite simply because he is a down ass White dude. we know I have had a thing for down ass White dudes since before I had titties. Holden has a tinge of mystery too where you know he is into some shit...hmmm

- all around, the acting is PHENOMENAL on this show!

- I enjoy the fact that I have figured out the mystery- it's the lone Black dude. not just because he's Black and we know how people think we Black people are prone to violence n', this is because this is a Black dude in rainy ass Seattle! like dude, REALLY? you're living in Seattle because you wanna kill some White girls. end.of.story.

Sorry I ruined the show for you, but you should still watch it anyways to see if I am right!

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