Friday, March 26, 2010

Conversations With Ice.

Today has been a looooong day. I’ve been up since 4ish this AM- sleep to me, is like candy to a kid. It is wanted, needed, enjoyed, etc... When I don’t get enough of it-or if I wake up and I feel like its still nighttime…but it’s not because it’s 4ish in the AM…then I get grumpy. I get quick to cut and slow to stop the bleeding.
On days like these, I venture in my mind to a place where I am chillin’ with my friend/mentor Ice (T).

The setting: Ice’s mirrored walled yacht. We are drinking mojoito’s and playing Scrabble.

Ice T: T, that is the third time you tried to add ‘ass’ to my ‘hat’ that I put down. That is not a Websters' word…

Me: I know. I know. It’s a great term though…

Ice T: You trynna tell me something? We got beef?

Me: Never. I am just…I dunno…

Ice T: Either you droppin’ clot or it’s about a dude…

Me: I’m deeper than that Ice-

Ice T: Oh I know, Sweet T, but when your Scrabble game is lackluster it’s one of those things.

Me: You know me so well…it may be a combo of the two or neither. Recently, I’ve been more open-nicer perhaps and have had some conversations with dudes…

Ice T: And you’re not impressed and don’t know what all the fuss is about-

Me: I know what the fuss is about. I like dudes-

Ice T: It’s just that a lot of them majored in Straight Bitchery 101.

Me: Exactly.

Ice T: T, anything worth having, you have to GRIND for. You should know this. You live this, that’s why you’re not easily impressed and why a dude will have to GRIND hard to get you to go buck wild in a mirrored room.

Me: If my soul could speak, it would say what you just said.

Ice T: Don’t you go getting all poetic on me-have me pull out some incense n’ shit…

Me: Never that- wait, I have a word.

Ice T: Ah, ‘tophat’…is that one word?

Me: Let’s hope because that is for you. You’re wearing a top hat with a tux in that special place in my heart-

Ice T:…that’s it. No more mojito’s for you!

The End.

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