Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Weekend SIDEBAR AKA WTF Happened to Judd Nelson?!

There was a point during a John Hughes film-and DEFINITELY during New Jack City where I wanted to BONE Judd Nelson. He even went on to do some sitcom with Kathy Griffin- and I still thought back to New Jack City and wanted to do naughty things with Judd Nelson.
Then I forgot about him.
Then he showed up at the John Hughes tribute at the Oscars this year wearing Shaquille O’Neill’s/ Montell Jordan’s suit from the premiere of Shazam or left over from the This Is How We Do It video shoot.
There were chains hanging-as if he were carrying a pocket watch?! Seriously, I thought it was the lead singer from Color Me Bad, but remembered he wasn’t in any John Hughes films…because I am NOT all looks-am wikked smart too.

I don’t know if I care enough to be saddened by his non-aging gracefully, but I certainly am appalled.


  1. Best Week Ever called him the corpse ghost of John Lennon!

  2. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! that wins!!!!!!
    may have to research this, but didn't he almost die a few years ago. if my hunch is correct, I'll feel sorta terrible for making fun of him.....