Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Tik Dicketry (pronounced tEEk dick-ETRY)

So great he gets his OWN blog about his OWN poetry.

Tiki Barber , a former running back with the NY Giants, rolled into my office today. Well I saw that he was coming and was upset that I wouldn’t be able to see him. He is one of my favorites! He and his twin bro. I just love them. Love their story and love their names.

I got over being upset about not seeing Tiks (pronounced tEEEks)…because I forgot about it-until…
B instant messages me that he is up at our main reception and they are chatting n’ flirting. B had no idea who he was. Tiks mentions that our expansive main reception area is…HUGE, and B says it’s her very own FOOTBALL FIELD! He laughs heartily and they bond some more.
ONLY SHE could do that. I think I wrote that I hated her 15 times-until…
B tells me he is on his way to my floor. I mentally prepare.
do not act-a-fool, do not flash him, do not try to tackle him…
He appears. So stylish. Short, but stylishly petite…with a nice build. The type that looks you in the eyes and smiles a wicked smile…and then keeps it moving.
DAMN YOU, B!!!!!

Anywho, Tiks confident stride, style and smirk is its own form of poetry. Tik Dicketry. So fast, you don’t even know its happening…and when you find out, you’re happy about it. Tik Dicketry is wordless. Lacks any strain or effort-its cool and its calm. It's patient and understanding.
You also can’t be around the Tik Dicketry without checkin’ yourself- how is the hair? the gear? the shoes? your breath-even if you don’t speak to him!

Tik Dicketry 4 eva!

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