Monday, March 15, 2010

Real Emo

I don’t know if it’s all the rain. The lack of vitamin D…because the sun hasn’t shown its ‘face’ in a minute (a long while in non-slang speak), and also because I don’t know the polite way to ask a dude to *wink wink*- in any case, I am feeling REAL emo.
Perhaps its my new fringe-I just wanna listen to some Adele/Daniel Meriwether/ NEVER EVER will listen to Duffy, but will blast some ‘2 Become 1’ by Spice Girls. Walk all slow n’ meaningful with my hands shoved real deep in my raincoat pockets. I’ll look at the cloudy sky, and then stare into rain puddles. My thoughts will be deep and profound…and will go through my mind in haiku’s. If I do look people in the eyes it will be followed by a somber smile…and a yearning for connection.
Coldplay will come on just as I enter the train station, right before someone hits me accidently with their umbrella and I’ll find meaning in that. The meaning being that the world is against me. My feelings burn like my eyes when I have eye makeup on too long. I’ll sit on the train all wistful and forgotten- just another chick riding the train. My soul will feel swallowed up though… like a train as it goes into a tunnel…

…and that is MAYBE what she said.

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