Friday, March 12, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Reason Why I Win #147

Besides the prospect of Happy Hour and maintaining my awesome ‘do’ in this rainy weather- I managed to say probably one of the best things I’ve ever said.
Yes, I just wrote that sentence.
Recently, I got my hair cut. It’s basically a not so severe Cleopatra style- I have bangs again!! The bangs have basically made me Superman- no I cannot leap a building in a single bound- but like Clark Kent, no one can tell I’m me with my bangs.
I have THE SAME FACE, but peeps here are like: wow I didn’t know it was you!!!
After hearing that about 15,000 times, I’ve just decided to mumble snarky comments or smile and think: choke on a bag of rotten dicks.
Then Pornstache says something and I reply with this gem:
*ahem* Bangs are like a moustache on your forehead.
He wishes me a great weekend and then keeps it moving. I sit and wonder how to market my brand of genius.

Getting back to the new hair- a few people here are not idiots and see that I just cut my hair…and I did NOT get plastic surgery fulfilling my dreams of looking like a jungle cat (a la Jocelyn Wilderstein (sp)- made that last name up, but its something like that).
This guy I LOVINGLY call Cartman- I mean he looks like him (Eric Cartman from South Park) in the BEST way possible, and he is one of the nicest dudes here…who trades, that is. Anywho, Cartman told me he digs the hair and knows that I’ll get a lot of numbers this weekend.
I told him he hasn’t spoken to me long enough to know that I don’t gets the digits…..
……just straight
Ha! Nah, it’s nice that Cartman has hope for me-actually he may be on to something. A few of these dudes’ here-Bro-Dick Poetry dudes- are all up in my George Foreman (grill)! It was like I was a ghost last week and now with the ‘do’ I am the cute…Black…Latina…Mixed…Chick...that exists.
Cartman knows!

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