Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Place Where I Work: The Allure

There’s a certain allure to things you don’t understand…or things that don’t ‘like you like that’.
The King of Zamunda AKA Disco Stick- because he is short and petite…well of a slim build- definitely feels this type of allure-pull towards me.
Sure, he’s nice and tries to be funny, but there’s no way I am letting him crawl up inside of me-and I mean that literally because he could…because he is that small.
As always, when you don’t want IT, it wants YOU. He’s not annoying…like say a Black Tom Cruise. Disco Stick has a ‘trader’s humor’-which means he really has no humor at all. He tries though, and I am sure in his circles he’s a treat, but anyone who’s never seen The Last Dragon is not someone I can share a drink at Happy Hour with…much less the splendor of my loins.
So, how does Quinger get invited? Well, B wants to have ‘dirty tree sex’ (she came up with that) with him…well she did…does…I dunno. Also, Quinger is fun to make fun of, and as we have learned, is used to being the butt of most (all) jokes. Peeps who realize they are creepy and lame, but are good sports…are OKAY by me!
Disco Stick takes himself too seriously-which I find is my main problem with short men. I get it. You’re a lil guy and you get shit for it. GET OVER IT! The Napoleon Complex is outdated and wack.
I guess you could say ‘the tall girl not liking a lil guy’ is played too-and I would say: touché` and OH WELL.

Blair asked if Disco Stick wore platform sneakers would I reconsider. I said, no. Height and then personality. Most dudes who trade lack a certain je ne sais quois…OH I know what it is-a SOUL!
For now we shall chat, say hi and bye…and have him YEARN to be nestled all up in my bi’ness.

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