Monday, March 1, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Fighting Spirit

Like Jigga says: I.Will.Not.Lose…unless I’ve lost and when that happens I’ve usually gained in something else or learned something…
When it comes to getting sick though- I usually win. One of my many glorious strengths is a KICK ASS immune system…and me never needing too much of an excuse to just stay in bed. This weekend I felt weird. That sick kinda weird and also anemic.
So I only got up to shower and eat…and to find more DVD’s to hunker down with-thus never leaving my house. It was awesome…and could’ve been avoided if I took my vitamins last week, ate something before drinking as intensely as I did…and perhaps stayed away from a new coworker we all lovingly call LoBro/LoBlow.

You see Friday, LoBro planned a Happy Hour for a few of us. We were all excited. When the day comes though, LoBro feels weird and she winds up leaving just when the fun was getting started-BUT not after accidently spilling her beer on me. After breathing exercises and B awkwardly trying to kick the elephant in the room-that was me wet with beer- I was able to find inner peace…also looking at LoBro's face and seeing she was not well. Awww.
It coulda been the weird place we were at, it was called Snafu. Yes, we chose it because of the name and the nifty reviews. Plus it had a jukebox which kinda beats a DJ. Snafu was weird though. WEIRD. It was a clever mix of after work crowd, sketchy child predators/skin stealers and whores. Snafu had Big Buck Hunter game though- so we stuck around! Also, Quinger showed up with his Gang of Thieves.
Quinger and his Gaggle of Friends who are Cooler than He Is, bought us shots, dranks and cab rides. When dudes make more money than you AND like to show it off, I say: Why not. Do you, boo!
I know you’re probably wondering: Quinger, B and Me???!!!
Like I said, Quinger’s friends were cooler than he and so we had a blast with them…and Quinger spent most of the night cockblocking B and one of his ‘bro’s’. It was pretty sweet. All in all we all had a blast: me, B and Blair. We were all drunk in our own ways, but not that annoying, falling down, tit showing drunk. We all hid our inebriation well only letting it come out in spurts-better that than spurts.

Monday kinda sucks because B and I (still) feel weird. Quinger is a no-show. LoBro is out sick and I’ve had a run in my stockings since leaving my house for the train. Luckily I brought a clear topcoat with me…and my Starbucks Crew hooked me up with a free breakfast and coffee. Awww. The love.
On the flip, I have some friends that think I am depressed. I have no idea how to even begin to express how unhappily happy I am. *sigh*
Am like Trig-too complex, yo.

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  1. Having been cock-blocked now for the first time in my life, I have to apologize to dudes everywhere for all the times I 'blocked their cocks.