Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Don’t.Eff.With.Me.Or.My.Time.

Any sane, mature, less self involved person knows that when you are doing something fucked up-like taking 3 hour lunches- and it affects all those you work with, then expect to be shut.down by me.
CloseUp- the wannabe actress is the culprit. She is one of the lamest, ignorant, selfish people I have encountered and has the maturity (and body) of a 12 year old boy. She is consistently taking advantage of people’s patience and good nature-until yesterday when I had enough. I think it was a mix of it being Monday, lack of sleep and just being fed up with people who don’t give ANYONE ELSE, but themselves, a passing thought.
Hey listen, I have selfish tendencies. I know this, but you know what else I know-I know that I can be selfish, and really try not to be (at times).
…so I sent an email, we talked it out it-it was like talking to a wall though because she doesn’t understand why what she’s doing is fucked up…her only concern was who was talking about her. She’s lucky I didn’t karate chop her throat and beat her senseless with a bag of dirty dicks!!
I am not a violent person though.
Later, she goes crying to B feeling like she’s been ganged up on. Still not understanding why ANYONE would be pissed at her.
I have no sympathy and no time for her. I’ve said my piece and am done.
May she get cast in a play in Antarctica…and may she choke on many frostbitten dicks.

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