Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few Things I Learned This Weekend

-I cannot fold laundry and will not ever learn this skill because I don’t have the patience for it. Some people find it relaxing are really good at it, and all my folded sheets look like a 3 yr old folded them…using their feet.

-Am like Murtaugh and ‘getting too old for this shit’: certain theme park rides, being scared of dudes, eating Mexican from anywhere, young actin’ adults and pigtails-have been great about not wearing my hair in that style for about year. Yay for me.

-Things I am not too old for: rollercoasters, giggling to myself, blushing, kicking a bitch, cake for breakfast.

-When acquiring ‘dick pics’ always ask for frame of reference.

-Don’t trust a cabby that sings along to the Backstreet Boys while driving down Broadway.

-Nathans corn dogs= the truth.

-You can walk to Puerto Rico from Coney Island.

-Not all churros are created equal.

-Even my cheesy side has its limits- while buying The Darkness cupcakes for his born day (Hostess=OG’s), the cashier asked if I wanted to grab some candles n’ matches. I was like ‘nah son’. Cupcakes are one thing, lighting candles are another.

-While some people I know are proving to be lackluster, I still know some pretty exceptional peeps- i.e. my bookclub, shout out to Sidecar for the best peach-blueberry cobble ever!


-While watching TrueBlood, I realized I like dudes shirtless-Alcide AND in cashmere v-necks- Eric.

-Everything is not for everyone.

-Short Asian men

-Dude was trying to hit on me in bookstore and I was more concerned with the book of ghost stories I was reading-added to the list Why I Am Single. He was hot too, damn my bookworm sensibilities!!!!

-My dreams concern me.

-I still know all the words to Salt n’ Pepa’s ‘Shoop’ and was reminded of when I wanted to be a female MC….

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