Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Built For It

Had an interesting chat today with one of the chaps that works on my floor, seems he was impressed that I made it this long working where I work. When I asked why? He explained that they were notorious for going through temps, sometimes keeping them for like 2 days and then saying PEACE. He added that they may wanna keep me.
My eyes went wide and I began to do my usual dance of slowly backing away.

Being a ‘keeper’ is something I’ve had to live with. Don’t mean to make something great sound not-so-great, but the eternal ‘bird’ in me is always ready to bust free from the cage.
I often get annoyed when dudes are like: you’re not a girl I can take lightly, you’re a keeper.
We all know that I don’t have that ‘ho gene’ and am not known to put a strangle hold on/swing from/apply gorilla glue to the nutsac-so I am not upset that I’m a keeper, it’s more that I feel it is all bullshit and just a nice way of saying: I am not feeling your ass.
The thing is, I never bring these conversations up, they just happen upon me with this information. I am all like: who says I wanna be SERIOUS with you, bitch?! Just because I am nice and smiling in your direction does not a boo you make.

Of course this being me, when I am trying to be someones keeper, they are not trying to keep me. Same thing happens with jobs- not often- but when I find myself at a comfortable hate level where I can deal with a place (because we all know it’s just dealing when it’s not what you love), then something always has to eff it up. In this instance, I am comfortable being a temp and now these bitches wanna think about keeping me?!
It’s not that I have a fear of commitment, I don’t, I just need to be assured space (ME.TIME) and you have to fool me into thinking it was my idea- like if Mr. Burns really sent me on a yacht coasting on St. Tropez, I might feel like I could be permanent here.
That will never happen.
All I can do is be okay with being a ‘keeper’ in my non-work life and not equate it with ugliness, and in my work life…basically if the pay allows me mani-pedi’s , tequila buying , book buying and shoe buying...then I'll be a corporate keeper, yo!!!

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