Monday, July 12, 2010

The Place Where I Work: He Who Wants In

All I have to show from my weekend are some mosquito bites on my legs, and my faraway stare that some may see as mysterious, when it’s just me sleeping with my eyes open. That’s a Monday for ya. All filled with an unbearable fatigue and
people who stare at you on the train like you have two heads.

Three things occurred at work that woke me out of my trance-like state, which is a state most would like me in. I smile a lot because I have no idea what you are talking about and I am less likely to say something offensive/perverted/snarky back to you because I lack any kind of brain functioning. Only enough power to get me through the day without falling too much.

-Mr. Burns decides to take a few long strides out of his office to dump his lunch trash in MY garbage can. So many levels of wrong and disrespect, but I get it- he wants to Starts with the trash and he thinks after a few cassis n’ soda’s, it’ll be my ‘honeypot’.

-No one told me I had food on my mouth- even though I wiped my face after I ate, guess I missed a spot. In any case, had several conversations with large food particle on upper lip. That shit makes me angry!

-The guy who is usually my BOY because he hooks up my lunch-you know me and food- kept questioning my lack of want for a tomato. Lettuce, yes. Tomato, no. He kept asking me if I was sure, as if the third time would be a charm and I would be like: oh shit, DOH, I totally want a tomato slice on my portabello burger!! That didn’t happen.

Perhaps, I grew to be a lil grumpy because I am trying ‘be good’ this week because I am attending Siren Fest this Saturday which to me just means I get to eat corn dogs and cheese fries at Nathans! Less bloat potential if I chilllll out with my usual debauchery.
Have been thinking about a frozen margarita for the greater part of the day though. *le sigh*

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