Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1. When I Am Asked....

...about my outfit choice- meaning it may look shitty or weird, but to me it's just Fashion Week and though I no longer work in the fashion industry and my years as the worlds most unrecognized supermodel have long passed- I still feel that when them tents (are there still tents)go up it's time for me to get my quirky swerve on.

...if I am seeing the Justin Beaver (Bieber) film which was shot in 3D- I said unless that kid is getting dp'd in 3D I have NO INTEREST.

...what really happened with me and Jake Gyllenfuck. Why didn't our love come to be? Thanks to the movie The Adjustment Bureau (starring Matt Damon) all is explained. It wasn't in the cards for us, he had a choice between stardom n' teenagers or the love that can sustain a starving man in a dessert for months....and he chose poorly.;P

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