Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Thing With Jon B.

The 90's were pretty awesome. The music, the clothes...the perfect mix of soft n' hard with original dance moves to boot. TV was AMAZING- I mean 'Martin' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-HELLO!
This was also the time when I entered the world of the soulful White boy.
See, I didn't grow up during the times of Tom Jones, Michael McDonald or KC and the Sunshine Band- AKA the OG soulful White boys. I had Jon B.
Nose flared, ears ablaze....I was taken in with the lure and appeal of the soulful White man.
Though there were a few fleeting moments where I thought Mr. B was Latino, I later realized he wasn't. He was just a talented soulful White boy.
I bought his first CD...then his second....then his third. Soon I realized I was either dating or obsessed with dudes who looked Jon B..
A problem...maybe? To this day if there is a White looking dude with a goatee and a close haircut-I am giving him a second glance. Maybe even a smile and a titty shimmy.
Why has my Jon B. complex lasted so long?? When will it stop?? Is it the smooth R&B stylings? The sexually suggestive/romantical lyrics in his steamy falsetto?

I just don't know. Don't think this blog produced any breakthroughs, but it did shed some light on one of my MANY issues.

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