Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Place Where I Work: We've Only Just Begun....

And then there were three...
The Band of Temps is now down to three! GW- which stands for GreekWedding because she was Greek and is getting married later this year. GW was MISERABLE. Miserable, but needing to work. She would tell us how she would cry every morning that she had to come to the office- and I would say: um, you're a temp. call the agency and tell them you want out!
She didn't though.
I get it. She had to work directly with Ruddy Kors-who preys on the weak. You have to have a certain kind of demeanor to deal with him. GW didn't have that demeanor. So the tension was....tense. To the point where I almost couldn't take it...GW pulled us all into it and in the end we were all like: just find another gig. life is short!
Then on Thursday I guess The Doc and Ruddy Kors had enough and asked her not to come back.
I felt horrible, but noticed how different the office felt on Friday. Like the work is intense and Ruddy Kors is still cray cray, but somehow it all works.
Remember what I said about fit, it doesn't have to be perfect but there needs to be a good fit. A good feeling and vibe. One person can change that. GW was a nice chick BUT she was MISERABLE and misery truly does want company!
I tried to help and give her advice....but there's only so much one can do.

I have my own job email account. This could get real. I have until March or April to decide if I can stick it out till the book deal comes through.

In other news, it was FRIDAY yesterday. A beautiful preview of Spring-like Friday! The office vibe was better and I was going to be hanging with my friend Ru and crew for some after work tostones and dranks. It was an early (for me) night of great laughs, stripper poles, JuanB- this latin dude who looked like R&B sensation Jon B who I will ALWAYS have mad love for, dranks and just good vibes. Love good people...and good food.

Monday, I will be back at work- no holiday for me. The hot ex football player will be back in and I will just stare- NO! Actually I must do like my boy Ru says- open my heart, while I'm young n' tight! Need to get out there...back in the game. YEAH!!!!!

...okay. Now to do laundry and prepare for an evening of deep conditioning, watching 'Nikita' on HULU, making either tacos or veggie samosas and then sleeping like a freshly washed baby's ass.
Gimme time. I'll warn ya when it's time to lock up your sons, bro's, fathers, male friends you fuck but aren't dating seriously....

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