Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Get In Where You Fit In

Ever feel like you don't belong somewhere because you have NO IDEA what you are doing ...yet for some odd reason it all clicks?
That is what's happening with me and this new place. Maybe it's because most of the peeps are new and we are wading through the shit together- but shit feels good.
It could be the excitement of not knowing if you'll be there the following week either....hmmm
Anyways, am getting into my groove. Already have a Starbucks- where I am ALREADY getting upgrades AND have a boo. His name is Juan and he loves himself some me. The only unfortunate thing are the tourists that linger in my Starbucks. They linger with their croissants and lingering. Air thick with shit-tons of cologne and perfumes and they stand there. In the middle of everywhere. Staring at the menu or just chatting about their big day in New York City. Then you have me and a few other working peoples just trying to get their coffee and the back of their hands rubbed by Juan's thumb.
...that could just be me though.

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