Saturday, February 12, 2011

VDay Poetry

**We all know whether single or coupled up, I am not into Valentines Day. I'm in to love- because to truly hate you MUST know love- but not into cheesy shit like dudes in blouses n' skinny jeans, cards and stuffed teddy bears. In any case, I am a writer and I must give the people what they want...though NO ONE has actually asked me to write some VDay poetry, but I am a giver.**

don't give me cheap chocolates n flowers
or any shit you can give to any chick
don't take me to a restaurant- actually do that
because a lady likes to eat n' chat
make me a mix cd/tape filled with songs that allude to friendly rape
prince's 'if i was your girlfriend' better be included
if you want to do it
because 'baby can i dress ya...' is one of the sexiest phrases
let's put some milkshakes in vases
if you recite any poetry, there will be no where to go with me
not to a window, not to a wall
i won't be bouncing off your balls
because fake flowery words don't excite me
speak from the heart- or how my ass is like a work of art
and delight me

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