Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Nipple Pimple

Having sensitive and sometimes lovely skin is a gift and a curse. Because sleeping is my hobby, my lack of it has caused a pimple to rise on one of the many choicest spots on my face: my left cheekbone.
I know better then to pop it or touch it-but I can stare at it for a long while in the mirror and angrily squint.

Work. Oh man, hours...long hours of intensity and some funny times. Ruddy Kors is still making smoothies and causing drama where there needn't be. He is also ON THE PROWL. I thought I walked around with my clit on a sleeve- like heart on a sleeve BUT BETTER!- but Ruddy Kors has me beat. Let any decent looking guy come into the office and he is like a schoolgirl. Giggling. Flrting. Yet, he is a tad leacherous. The office is expanding so we had this dude I'll call That Guy coming in to take measurements. That Guy is tall, good looking, body like WHAT and dumb as shit. Perfect recipe for being...that guy. He is something nice to look at...which I was happily doing till I saw Ruddy Kors looking too...leering, nasty. I felt dirty.

There's another character in the office, a nurse I'll call Lisa Lamponelli...because she reminds of comedian Lisa Lamponelli...just not as crude or funny. We'll see about her....
That was meant to sound ominous because I see her ability to come into my lane causing me to introduce her to oncoming traffic.

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