Friday, February 25, 2011

The Place Where I Work: I Am Easy (Like A Sunday Morning)

Oh where to begin with work this week....
First, we know GW aka Greek Wedding is gone-we welcomed Johnny Blue Eyes. No his name is not Johnny, but dudes eyes are blue and he is Italian...and a name like Johnny Blue Eyes seems like something an Italian city boy would have. JBE is the perfect yin to Ruddy Kors yang. He is chill- like weed every day chill- and finds Ruddy Kors's insanity pretty funny.
Speaking of Ruddy Kors, he is off my (very long) 'shit list' simply because he fed me. We were all feeling snacky at work and he bought us all dumpings. I've said it before- you feed me and I like you. Am like a pet that way.
Anyways, Johnny Blue Eyes thinks I am hilarious so he is cool with me too- feed the ego and I like you.
The Band of Temps are doing well- staying strong and keeping each other sane. Also, keeping the love going between the hot ex football player and myself. Like most dudes worth fucking for like one night or a few years with no expectations of a conversation that isn't about: the weather, liking music (saying only that and nothing more), how hot you/they are, etc.- what I'm saying is that the ex football dude is mostly brawn and not a lot of brains...BUT he is hangin' at the Winter Music Conference in Miami next weekend and is getting Ruddy Kors into some parties (because he'll happen to be in Miami next weekend).
Damn, I wish I were sluttier-I'd be at parties in Miami...chillin'. Then he'd get to talking or something and it would be OVER. *le sigh*

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