Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Yeah, so....

...what once was a week may now be a job. Out of the blue I am working at a fancy doc's office...doing things I have never done before, rolling with uppity beatches in an uppity hood...but more importantly- I am making money!
Perhaps they sense my inner rich bitch and that is why they were like: you're in! Yes, the past week was like hell week...or an episode of a reality show competition. It started with me and then 3 other temps. The office was going through an overhaul...they wanted fresh faces and peeps who were computer savvy. They also wanted a look. I know this because I was there from the beginning and heard the whole process. Age was a factor too...
Anyways, it started with 4 and now there are just 2! Me and this other girl. The office manager/fitness expert is like a ruddy colored Michael Kors (Kors is more orange). He is also in better shape...but like Michael Kors all the same. We'll call him Ruddy Kors. Ruddy Kors and The Doc were the major decision makers. I really didn't think I would last-mostly because I didn't want to...but such is my life. I don't want it and it wants me. Though this also proves that though I am the most efficient asshole, I am personable, young looking aka FRESH FACED biches, and well put together. Professional, even. Hot always!
Ruddy Kors likes making every shakes-protein, fruit, veggie...
Yeah that's another thing. Healthy environment. Like really...which works with where I am heading-to a healthier, sexier me...BUT I have my limits and I am also slightly crazed. This means that all this healthy makes me wanna eat more BAD stuff. It's a vicious cycle.

Needless to say the real winners are the 3 of you that read my blog because I feel the stories will be ENDLESS here. END.LESS.

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