Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Place Where I Work: I Am Not Piss Poor Morally

Today was an extremely pleasant day at work because Ruddy Kors was out!!!! Ruddy Kors is that ONE person in a small, easygoing office who makes things FUCKING CHAOTIC for no reason. Well...he does it because he has no idea what he is doing, but talks a good game. Me and the Band of Temps- there are four temps-to- perms in the office. All cool, all part of the 'new regime' and all ready to lock Ruddy Kors in a tanning bed (because he obviously tans). The Band of Temps and I were able to get our work done, help each other out with stuff and bond.
We'll see how long we all last...or if there will be a slaying.
Besides having a great working environment for the day- including chatting with The Doc who seems cool and nice enough-I had a fleeting love affair. Well brief...maybe non-existent...affair.
There he was. Tall, broad, shaved head and scruffed. We would've had some pretty yella kids. He's an ex football player which didn't excite me, his eye fucking me did. The Band of Temps helped me with my 'research' on him until someone asked if he was married...and of course he is!
So that was that. I was this close to letting someone claim my fine ass and break in my womb like a
In any case, he is coming next week and I shall non-creepily leer at him until another hottie rolls into the office and distracts me.

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