Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Place Where I Work: An Erotic Poem About Today

I Feel Like I’ve Been Screwed
By Me

I feel like I’ve been screwed, guzzled, and lubed
Propped up on a thrown out mattress, legs astray
And Work is pinning me down and thrusting away
When work is finished, then ‘Everday Jerkoffs’ begin
Because getting a train run, means we can win
Pumps of intent and licks of glory
My ass feels as if its been spanked all morning
Pulling and tugging, fisting and smurfing
Raw and tender, they feel no regret
We wordlessly break because love is not the intent
Eyes staring, wanting more, but too tired grind
Until Work grabs me from behind
We slide n’ glide, ride till I’m wide
Then Time steps in and this is when the deep throatin’ begins
Gaggin’ and tears, hair pulled, eyes wide like deer’s
I’m hoping I’ve paid all my arrears, and tomorrow will be better
Cuz I don’t have enough in me to get wetter…


  1. i especially like how you worked "arrears" in.

  2. *bows* i have a cashmere (of course) beret that i shall wear and live my life as an erotic poet.