Thursday, January 7, 2010

She’s My Favorite Girl…

Today is my mom’s birthday. Yay for MAMA’s!!!

My Mom is special for many reasons:

-birthing me.
-always saying the perfect thing to piss me off-NO ONE can do it like her
-teaching me the elements of style n’ class
-cooking so fabulously, I’ve never had to worry about succumbing to the coke fueled pressures of becoming a super model.

…there are tons more reason why she rocks, including her humor. She laid the foundation-is really the backbone of my amazing sense of humor. My dad was always literal and more mocking- dry almost. Mom is the practical joker. She’s pervy and rather spunky.

When I was younger birthday gifts were easier to give. The older and less fertile I get, the harder they are to give. My Mom wants grandchildren…and like most she has given up hope. So, being the HILARIOUS woman she is, she is pitting 2 lesbians that live in my building against each other for my affections. She’s noticed their interest in me and realizes that dudes just don’t dig me the same…so Moms is accepting of an alternative lifestyle for me. She’s okay with me and the lesbian of choice adopting babies and living in a loft space in DUMBO.

Now you see where I get it from.

Happy Birthday Mom!! Perhaps next year I’ll have lil Blasian babies to leave with you while I’m at da club.

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