Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Place Where I Work: It's ON.

I don’t know if there is something in the air or the power of seeing some dude in cargo pants and saying: no thanks.
Especially when it’s a dude you casually mind stalk. In any case, there is definitely something in the air because there are guys who really can checking for my loin Evite. It feels pretty sweet too.
Drake is not going to be fashionably late to my loin party. No siree. Yes, I know I don’t ‘shit where I eat’, but I am also no fool and dude is FINE. Drake has invited me out for drinks-then asks who else should come. Everyone I mention he says: uh…I don’t know.
The only people he feels good about going for after work cocktails are he and I. I only have soooo much self control. Will stay strong though because The Bangout (‘member him) is on the list too. I can’t be the ho that effs PEOPLE at her job-though its not like The Bangout is pursuing my cooch, I just want him to. I’ve mentioned before how physically attractive this guy is…there is also this pull he has on my loins where if he is anywhere near me, I am inching myself closer to him. Think magnets of lust.
Here’s a PRIME example of his fuckability. There I am paying for my Starbucks, but soon I forget that I am doing this when The Bangout walks by. I even say to myself (though the female barista heard me): hot dayum.
I then let out this sigh. The female barista smiles as she watches The Bangout walk and says: oh man, that’s real nice. I inform her that I work with him and she pities me because it takes a strong woman not to just jump his bones on sight.
Must keep myself in check though because I kinda work here-yet when The Bangout is around I always find ways to touch him.
Train run anyone??
No, but seriously….


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