Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Place Where I Work: People Think I'm Stupid

One of my biggest peeves besides people with lazy eye's, are condescending assfucks. Being a person who asks questions when they don’t understand something- and though I'm prone to daydreaming/zoning the fuck out/and relishing in reverie-I am often able to keep up. So when people talk to me as if I am a 2 year old with special needs, I tend to get a bit upset. To the point that said person who spoke to me in such a manner now lives in fear of me. He makes no direct eye contact and is always apologetic when we speak- no, I didn’t go OFF, but I did do the subtle strong eye contact thing with a tone of voice that let’s one know they’ve gone too far and this may end in bloodshed.
When I am not being spoken down to, it’s the normal working in a financial corporate environment with a bunch of peeps that went to Ivy League schools and think that anyone who isn’t doing what they do is dumb. So when they speak to me and I respond with a complete sentence or know about anything ticker related...I get a ‘wow’. Fuck you.
Actually, I don’t get too upset because a great deal of these financial whatever’s lack personality, depth and cock inches (or are just ‘missionary’ tricks if they are women).
To pass the time I like to make fun of them without them knowing... which doesn’t take much. I also like to make things awkward by staring at them and not smiling or saying anything, but this only makes them think they are needed in a meeting between my thighs. Ugh.
Dockers make me dryer than sand on a hot beach, but oh well.
It’s a paycheck.

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