Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking Chances

I am not a fan of Celine Dion, but I like to fill my brain with useless knowledge- like her music. She had this annoying song (one of her many) called “Taking Chances”. Oprah co-signed that song meaning that it would be played consistently and would make you want to take a chance on carving out your own ear drum.
In any case it was the theme of the weekend. Took a chance on my liver –by continuing to damage it with delicious libations, musicians-who were more hot than talented and with trying out new accents- Eastern European

Friday I went to have a birthday celebration dinner with some peeps. Two friends birthdays and one amazing dinner. We dined at Perbacco an Italian restaurant in Alphabet City. It was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had here. From appetizer-antipasti to dessert, everything was out of this world! I believe I moaned throughout my meal and only stopped to sip my wine.
Afterwards, I was on my way home when I decided I didn’t really wanna go home. Marci and I had chatted about going to see this dude Taylor McFerrin at this spot in DUMBO. We only thought about going because dude looked kinda hot on the flyer- what better reason does one need really? So, I called Marci up and we made our way to DUMBO.
We had no idea what to expect and that was a good thing because it leaves you open, and you can’t find yourself disappointed-well you can hate, but you can’t get too upset.
Mr. McFerrin was VERY hot in person, but he was the tooliest of the tools. Its not that I spoke with him…I could just tell. I mean dude beat boxed while playing a piano-that totally reads ‘I am an artistic douche who takes myself VERY seriously’.
He was hot though so I refrained from booing or asking him (post show) if getting a drummer was really not an option.

Saturday I slept in and wrote. Very relaxing.
Saturday night I met up with some peeps at Tribeca Grand for pre-game cocktails. There I go again, PRE GAMING. I stuck with rum drinks this time and find that rum relaxes me and makes me pretty hilarious. Usually, I never venture to The Grand on a Friday or Saturday because of the high tool quotient, but this was about taking chances.
I was definitely right about the high tool quotient and now know that if/when I become a heavily accented Eastern European woman who likes to wear yeast tight low rise jeans and LOTS of makeup, I can go to The Grand with the hopes of bagging an older wealthy American man who dresses 20yrs younger than he should. I will do all this while rocking out to Jack White at high decibels.
Once our eardrums were properly molested, we made our way to this amazing Japanese jazz bar. They made fantastic fresh fruit mixed drinks and the vibe was wayyy chiller.
Marci text me to see if I would be heading over to White Slab, so I did. Now, I really should’ve gone home on the exclamation point-not saying Le Slab wasn’t fun, but after having such a great chill night, getting pushed around and poked wasn’t a blast. There were no lesbians promising threesomes and grabbing my ankles though, so it was definitely a TON more fun than last week.

Sunday was about football and more writing.

The oh-10 will definitely involve more stepping outside the box-but not to the point where I start munching on boxes- and embarking on some new journeys. For instance, I have decided to ixnay Puerto Rico and go to the San Diego Zoo. Either by myself or with peeps. Have always wanted to go, so why not?!

So whaddya taking chances???

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