Monday, December 20, 2010

Ball to the Face

The place where I am working now has an intimate view of the New Years ball in Times Square. This means I have to face the dilema of what to do for New Years (on the daily).
Do I wanna make a go of it and try to be social n' fun, or do I want bring it in sleeping? I am leaning towards the latter because people have really worked my last nerve/done a number on my jovial spirit this year. Along with meeting some amazing people and having awesome times, there have been moments when I wish I were a hermit or had an all-amenitied cabin in the woods.
No, I would not send pipe bombs from said cabin.
Am a big believer in how you bring your New Years in dictates how your year will be-so what do I want it filled with??
...I know I left the door open with the obvious answer: dick-but I am enlightened lady and need more than that., unless 2011 brings about a change in dudes where they are no longer emotionally stunted/immature asshats- then maybe.

Decisions, decisions...

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