Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Worry About Me...

There's a certain look that people who are coupled up get...or a tone a person has in their voice when they've found that special someone and then the fact you haven't comes up. It's a tone one takes when someone is dying in your arms and you know they are going to die and they know they're going to die...but you say: you're gonna live and be alright!
A kind of weak hopefulness.
I find this very amusing especially because the people in these relationships don't realize how much I DON'T envy them. Don't get me wrong, it'll be nice to find that special person who gets me, deep dicks and doesn't mind a good zombie/vampire debate-but I am not all hemmed up about it. OKAY, only when someone I KNOW is a fuck-up and lacks anything resembling decency and EVEN THEY can find someone. I get a lil heated...but then someone places some food in front of my face and I forgot why I was upset.
When cool people are in awesome relationships, I am all like:HELLS.YEAH!
...but mostly people are just with people to have someone, or for comfort, or because all their friends have someone. Lame reasoning and mediocre relationships that make me happy to be single and sorta ready to mingle.

So really, coupled up or feel I am in a corner rocking and counting how many fertile eggs I have left. I am not. I am most likely making fun of you OR wondering if wrapping bacon around ANYTHING makes it better...

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