Monday, December 27, 2010


Some people- mostly White people (hahah I kid)- enjoy this cold snowy weather. I enjoy snow myself. It's quiet, it's pretty (the first day) and it's like a down blanket covering all of the city's flaws. Can be rather poetic...snow.
Then there's the stuff that happened this weekend-a friggin' blizzard that! No trains, buses, cars-everything SHUT.DOWN.
Normally, I'd be all about this. A day off to watch bad movies, read (got some amazing reads for xmas-thanks bro)and just laze about. When you have been doing this for about 4 days though-it stops being fun!
The holidays are about family and eating-plus most of your peeps are out of town...and why brave the cold to hang out alone.
So, one looks forward to Monday where they are going back to work, which is now a refuge because everyone's on vacation, and you can lick your wounds from spending 4 days with your family. Then a snowstorm happens, and you are stuck. STUCK. Wounds all unhealed. Staring out your window at the relentless winds and cars covered in that wretched snow!

The best part is all the sleep I have caught up on. Feel great, back to my ole feisty self.
...once I step into a thigh high snow drift my feisty-ness will flicker away and the cold depression will settle back in.

Another great part about today is being able to remember one of my favorite singers, Teena Marie. She died suddenly, and today I have been listening to her music while the news reports that WE WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS CITY AGAIN or...people will NEVER GET INTO THIS CITY AGAIN...or...uh, WE WILL NEVER GET AROUND THIS CITY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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