Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journey Through My Mind the singer Joe's sexuality-my mind is complex...questionable even. (I mention Joe because in a classic song of his he offers to take journey through ones mind)
With that said, my dreams often leave me wondering: what the fuck?
Sometimes my dreams give me insight to certain things or predict shit- which is pretty awesome and leaves me unfazed when 'shit goes down'.
My dream last night involved a variety things going on in my 'real life'. Like I've just finished reading all of the Hunger Games trilogy, and have been watching old eps of the Gilmore Girls- this will alllll make sense when I get into my dream. You will also get another glimpse into the insanity- ahem- the complexity of my mind.

My dream takes place in a large apartment complex, the place is well lit and somewhat furnished. I am carrying a gun and doing a roll-tuck-squat move in a kitchen- am aware of fear and a chase and then I recognize that I am hunting someone- I am not being hunted. Turns out I had to hunt people I knew! WTF? Once I see that my target is my friend Rosalind who lives in Spain- I put down the gun and refuse to participate with the hunting thing-which is a relief to Rosalind who has come by to help me move- woah, the dream has shifted.
I am packing to move in with my boo who happens to be the dude who played Jess on Gilmore Girls (I dug both he and Dean on the show...Luke sometimes)- he was also on Heroes. Anyways, I called him Milo-his real name by the way- and we loaded large army green canvas bags with my clothes.
It was all very romantical- I remember feeling nervous and really being into Milo.

...and that is all I can remember. The hunting part of the dream DEFINITELY had to do with the Hunger Games books, and me moving in with Milo (aka Jess aka dude from Heroes) was about me watching the Gilmore Girls- I just don't get how they both came together (especially because now I am reading The Help which is NOTHING like the Hunger Games books). Also, I did that -roll-tuck-squat thing- it was graceful and very action star-like. I'm a bit confused by that- like I was when I had a dream a few days ago involving me solving complex algebra equations. In real life, shit like that could/would not happen! Okay, the roll-tuck thing could DEFINITELY happen before the algebra thing.
Hmmm...could this be insight to me thinking I am better than I am- there's no shame in my game, I understand my delusions of grandeur...

It was good seeing my friend Ros in my dream, she looked awesome and she seemed into me dating Milo. Ha!

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