Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Watch and Learn

I love it how now EVERYBODY loves Coco (Ice T's wife). I've been on Team Coco for the longest-and now there are articles being written about the MAD LOVE er'body has for her. Probably the same people I had to defend my precious Coco against...
We all know how I feel/imagine Ice T and I should be/are friends. I understand that with my love for Ice I must have love for Coco. They are a matching twinset made of patent leather and jersey material. Quite a pair...like Coco's ass and boobs.
Honestly, I think married couples far n' wide should look to Ice and Coco for inspiration.
Sure, upon first glance they look like a pimp and his main ho-but what they really are is a TEAM. Coco is ride or die for Ice, and Ice is ride or die for Coco.
...and really what other type of chick could you see Ice with? Coco brings A LOT to the table, stays in her lane, and has heart.
They respect each other, roll everywhere together-and just seem to genuinely dig each other. Like they are friends n' shit.
With all these fly-by-night marriages/romances, it's cool to see these two-though some would think unconventional- are tried n'true. They make it work and are having a blast-and dare I say it...Ice T and Coco are one of my relationship inspirations (added to the list with: Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Buffy and Angel, Rick James and cocaine, Ossie and Ruby Dee, and Eric Northam and Sookie Stackhouse)!! I truly aspire to have what they have with someone...and I might not even start dressing like Coco.

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