Sunday, December 12, 2010

Superficial Debate

Recently, the body of a fashion designer/'it' girl was found floating in the bathtub of a posh downtown NYC hotel. Within a day or two, her party-boy boyfriend-with whom she had just broken up with- was arrested for her murder.
My mother turns to me and is like: this is a shame but she should've known that he wasn't worth his salt-I mean he lived off his rich parents. That doesn't show good moral fiber...
My response was: well in that scene, it's just how it is. Unfortunately, she found herself a nutjob.
My mom didn't understand what the scene had to do with no ambition having leeches, and I further explained that 'the scene' is filled with those kind of people. People who may know someone who does something, people who think they are important because they may know these people and people who do things like:DJ, studied fashion, wear designer labels, up n' coming rappers, have sung an original song in front of 2 people, etc. and because of this feel they are special. They are mostly superficial and are attracted to people who can get them into hotspots, wear hot stuff and are hot.
So, I added, being turned off by someone's 'moral fiber' is not going to happen. This is why I continuously say I am not cool and it is OKAY. The scene and I are like oil n' water- and that is OKAY too.

Overall this situation is just sad and probably would've happened 'scene' or not because dude is most likely an insane moocher.
...and my mom agreed that I am not cool and need to step my game up.

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