Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Final Countdown

The place I've been working at since last week is located in the heart of Times Square-the ball drops right outside it's windows and the streets are flooded with people who lack the ability to walk or not stand in the middle of a walkway and point at a GAP.
The office environment doesn't have the 'old school corporate' steez (urban for style) of the last place I worked at-it also doesn't have a cast of fuckwits like the last place I worked at. For the first time I didn't hate anyone upon sight- then again it has been the holidays and I am mostly in a daze or recovering from some kind of alcoholic experience. There's also the pesky snow that kept me homebound for a few days. Stranded. Defenseless. Unable to quell my gingerbread loaf addiction at Starbucks because the Starbucks in my neighborhood probably has loaf of bulls loin-or whatever meat they eat in Russia.
...mostly though, I think it was all the HOT dudes in the office- now this could also be because the last place I worked at was filled with hunchbacked trolls...who were able to walk upright sometimes-OKAY all except my dear dear Clark Kent. Anyways, dudes here have been pretty easy on the eyes. There's this guy I just call Dude in my head because he's...just...a...dude. Really tall, well put together...cute and a dude. He impressed me when he complimented some email I sent where I was being my usual subtle sarcastic assy (amazing) self. Feed me or my ego- at the same time or individually- and you'll have my interest for a few moments.
My fascination though has been with the guy I call Taller Latino Prince simply because he looks like Prince...not like a twin, but he reminds me of him around the eyes and mouth.
Add looking similar to Prince to my list of things that make me like a person.
TLP has also fed me (not his wang, calm down), so even if he turned out to be the biggest asshat in history...I would ADORE him!
...because I am not alllll about chasing dick (well I leave a few hours free to do other things) I must say that the chicks here are cool as well...don't get me wrong, have come across a few people I would definitely trip onto some train tracks-but they don't illicit a deep rooted hatred in me so it's all good.
*sigh* It's tough to find a nice assignment that doesn't fill me with utter angst/dread with the thought of returning. I would totally return here.

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