Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brave Face/Sad Face

I have a thing with heights.
It's not that I have I have full on acrophobia, it's just that I get a tad antsy being up high.
Love roller coasters, have been to the top of the Empire State Building (a few times), have done the CN Tower thing where you walk on the glass floor and look down upon the city from 100 million ft in the air...and I've tried to do the London Eye twice, but it was closed both times.
Can face my fears-it's tough-but I can do it.
To add to the fear facing I checked out the amazing Big Bambu rooftop exhibit at The Met. The piece was thought up by twin brothers, Doug and Mike Starn, they too have a fear of heights, but thought it would be cool to build a 40ft high cresting wave made from bamboo tied together with nylon rock climbing ropes.
The piece is being built in stages, I went to the 20 ft phase. It should reach its full potential by mid summer (it runs until October 31st).
Since the bro's- were- afraid of heights, they enlisted rock climbers to build the structure.
So, initially I was like: oh shit.
That built to a: what the fuck am I doing??
The tour guide joked with me and this helped me work through my ...uh...anxiety. Once I stood still and really took in the piece, I was amazed by it. There is a peacefulness among the chaos. Kinda like walking down a tree lined side street in Brooklyn and forgetting that you're in NYC. The tweeting birds, the quiet serenity.
Tree's were attached to some bamboo pieces so when a gentle breeze comes...and you're watching the sun set over the think to yourself: life is okay...and I haven't had one mojito.
The tour guide was sure to inform us that Big Bambu had to pass all kinds of building codes in order for people to walk through it-whew. Also, bamboo-like my heart- seems tender, but is very strong.
Facing ones fears can be an exhilarating ass gripping experience...

On the flip sad-I mean side, after walking about the city I've found that two of my favorite eating spots have shut.down!!! Empire Diner and Bonjoo. Alas, this is New York City, and I still have plenty of good eateries to go to, but the sliders trio at Empire Diner...and the galbi at Bonjoo were some of my favorite things to put in my mouth!
Now the hunt begins to find replacements.
Don't be shy with suggestions.

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