Monday, May 3, 2010


One would think with all this free time I would be bloggin’ for days, but people like me know how to occupy that time. Though I’m sorry for not keeping up, it’s not like I’ve just been sleeping, eating and exercising (my right to watch endless hours of Real Housewives of New York- Jill Zarin you are a beatch! Luanne you can suck a supple nut!)- well I go for long walks that involve hills and me stopping to jot down short story ideas. Sometimes at night…I go out! I dance, I mingle and I hate. Hate in my own lovable way. Its not all sunshine and Skittles though, I struggle.
Have come to some pretty stellar epiphanies. The first came to me at dinner a few Saturday’s ago. It was in a loft in Williamsburg (Brooklyn)…and I realized I’ve been to Willy B more times in the last month than EVER before (in my life!!). I have bangs. Listen to the Ting Tings and was possibly getting hit on by a dude with bangs and light grey skinny jeans- I didn’t believe it because I am not some pixie-‘cool’ looking chick- and that’s when I realized I’ve become what I hate…a hipster! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Not totally. I mean I don’t walk around looking/acting ridiculous…but I think people-and I’m saying this in the most humble way- are mistaking me with being cool!
Such is the burden.
Another thing I am struggling with is my annual ‘White Boy Summer’. After Avatar I was leaning towards a non- WBS…and then this whole thing went down in Arizona and I am convinced that I must break tradition and not show mad love to tanned, privileged- um White dudes. Sure, you can say: um, so those are conservative, propaganda loving White dudes in Arizona…and besides YOU live in New York.
My response would be simple: sweeping generalizations of one group lead to E’RYBODY missing out.
Just the way it is. You don’t ask why Young Money is so successful (especially when Junior Mafia has been there and done that BETTER) - there are just things that cannot be explained. Like unicorns and Latino men lovin' my thighs.


  1. Ha Ha! well put as always. You are too cool to be a hipster.

  2. phew thanks Elwood, I value your opinion!:) feel much better