Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Irish Cream Getting Crushed by Oreo's

I don’t usually call it this soon, but um…McFinnigan wants to make a ‘Baileys latte’ with me, for reals! He has been to my desk about 5 times today, and always ‘happens’ to be around when I am alone in a dark corner looking at something. He’s funny, so I let him live-he also likes to tell stories about just-about OD’ing on Tylenol and Advil! And I was correct in saying STORIES.

You know how his height is a big issue with me because he is boob height…I think that’s what he likes the most.

McFinnigan is NOT Irish, he just looks it making me a stereotyping punk! Also, he’s married-whew. Won’t have to turn down dates. Also, score for my ego. Lil dude is just being nice. Nice and creepy. Good creepy though.

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