Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Place Where I Work: The First Taste

Let’s play Top Chef. I put a blindfold on ya and proceed to test your chef palette. I ask you to taste something and tell me what it is. You have a hard time distinguishing this rare delicacy…
That’s because this rare delicacy is called freedom. Freedom from corporate shackles.
Freedom tastes so good- not working at all because I’ve won the lottery would taste even better, but I won’t get all greedy.
My temp gig for the next couple of weeks is at the offices of a high-profile clothing company. Not high-end, but they’ve been around for a while…and people would consider their clothing cool. Heck I even have a great coat by them.
Being that it is a ‘fashiony office’, the environment is relaxed…and I am surrounded by clothing…accessories…and I like it. Right now a chick is redoing a showroom display-basically setting the premise for all window displays in all stores.
More importantly, I CAN WEAR WHATEVER I WANT HERE. This makes me wanna roll around like kitten in spilled milk.
Its not all love, love in the club though…I have yet to find a Starbucks, thankfully I have friends that see passed my ridiculousness and have offered suggestions. Perhaps by next week I’ll have a new Starbucks crew?!
Doubt there will be any office romance though because the gays are abundant and the straights (guys) aren’t making the loins quiver.
I am mostly to myself, doing what I do…which is great cuz I’m a writer…but sucks when I just find myself staring off into space.

I get up at a normal hour and leave at a normal hour and get paid for every hour here. Even the hours I am contemplating snacks or am on facebook joining groups that involve trading in Justin Beaver for Biggie (Smalls).

Should have some funny stories, but it's only the first day and I was in a funk about Starbucks.

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