Monday, May 10, 2010

Juice-y Mondays

You know, Mondays aren’t so bad…especially if your weekend wasn’t so horrific AND you only worked 3 days the previous week.
I planned on chillin’ this weekend due to me not being able to make it rain as much as I used to (HA!), but I had duties as a daughter and a friend to uphold. My friend Selma and her hubby came up from DC for a lil NYC re-charge/birthday celebration. There was tapas involved so I was there. Selma then informs me that her cousin and my friend Mo (better known as DJ MoMA or the dudes who’s parties cause my high self esteem having ass to feel ‘unpretty’) was participating in a DJ competition in BROOKLYN. She described it as being like the movie Juice. I then decided I MUST go.
I’m glad I did because like the movie there were dudes with ‘gumby’ haircuts and crews ready to boo. Greg Nice (Nice n’ Smooth) even hosted it! Only thing missing were hot Blasian dudes- a la Khalil Kain. Rent that movie and UNDER-fuckin’-STAND!
…sadly we all agreed that times have not been so ‘smoov’ to Mr. Nice, but he seemed to be into the competition and kept things moving.
I have to say, this was a lot of fun! Selma and I wanted to do some choreography to Mo’s grooves, but were too...uh…inebriated to not look foolish. Though upon further reflection- and seeing this one DJ who brought ‘ho’s’ onstage- I call them ho’s because they were not dancing. Their narrow hips worked hard to catch a beat, and there was hair flinging…but uh, no dancing. Since midriffs were out, imma call them ho’s and leave it at that. Anyways, after seeing that, Selly and I could’ve TOTALLY danced it out…even if that meant us ‘wooting’ for Mo and then falling on our ample asses.
Rarely am I impressed. Especially with DJing since it’s all computerized, but I have to say Mo really impressed me. His wasn’t all flashy like most, or gimmicky like some. He just went up there and did what he does! (Incorrect English works in this case) His cuts were precise and on point, and he made the stealthiest of haters (i.e. peeps from other peoples crews) head bop/break out into dance! It was a good feeling all around. He won, which is cool…though I wanted to go all ‘Tupac crazed’ and start threatening other DJ’s crews if he hadn't.

Sunday was Moms Day, so my bro and I took her out to brunch in Fort Greene, BK. There was a live band that I think I want to play at my wedding-if it ever comes to that. It’s funny because I don’t think about weddings at all…except about how hard choosing one cake would be-but when I heard this band I was like HELLS YEAH! They were older dudes who played old soul and Motown hits…and then would break out into full on Prince Purple Rain riffs- in fact they DID the song Purple Rain!!!! I cheered. My bro is in a band and I told him he’d have to share a bill with these guys…at my wedding…whenever Jake Gyllenhaal stops playing hard-to-get!

Mondays can be tough work wise, but when you’re wearing jeans you don’t feel all hectic. My only complaint is the barista’s at the nearest Starbucks. They are the slowest. This Starbucks also doesn’t serve breakfast sandwiches and this morning babygirl needed an egg sammich!
I have to add extra travel time just get to my coffee and get to work on time. Then for lunch I wanted to keep it light with just a smoothie and I walked up to another Starbucks where I swear there’s a dude there who looks like Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland) with a beard. Like they have the SAME face, are the same height…I stared at him for like hours (that’s how long Abiguy took making my effin’ smoothie) because I couldn’t believe the resemblance.
…okay, perhaps my day started a little off because I had strange dreams last night. It seems to be the thing with me lately, don’t know what it means.
Anywho, last night I dreamt that I was living somewhere in Europe and I ran into Johnny Depp twice! Both times I hyperventilated-which is pretty much what would happen in REAL life! In my dream I kept saying quietly to myself: That’s Johnny Depp, oh God!
He was HOT in my dream too. Then after the second time running into Johnny, I went to meet up with my friend Angelina Jolie! We went to get out hair done.

Overall though, those dreams didn’t ruin a Monday which is a good thing…and since having my Juice moment this weekend, I wanna battle dance people that I want to punch in the throat.
It’s called evolving. Get with it.

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