Friday, May 14, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Don't You Bring Me Down Today

I thought today might be ‘a day’ because I suffered one of those inopportune NYC moments when just as you get to the subway platform, you see your train pulling away. When that happens, it makes me feel all full of woe. Then my hair started doing some crazy shit where it started out wavy/curly and then went straight in some parts. Should’ve known with the chance of thunderstorms my hair would tense up. Of course it hasn’t rained YET, but my hair is a pessimist.

Figure its Friday so I wouldn’t let a missed train and bad hair get me down. A positive attitude is the first step in making sure you won’t have to dispose of bodies at the end of the day- though I did elbow a chick for trying to push me as we made our way to the subway escalator. Bitches have to learn somehow.
What I love about working where I work is that it is sans heart rendering drama. The most I had to deal with was making sure all these clothes were sent to the right magazines and making sure the peeps from the magazines knew where in the showroom to go to look at stuff. That along with my other duties which may include emailing pretty much everyone I’ve ever known. Keeps me occupied.
Once all the magazine stuff was handled, Hans and Sebastian- I was just going to call them The Gays, but I figured the names were more exotic, plus they deserve more than just being called The Gays. So, H&S are besties. They both used to just eye me and my outfits, but once Hans deemed me cool after one conversation, they are my buddies…which I am happy about. I need them on my side incase I get attacked by the Lesbian Wolf Pack. Those girls have been circling-in fact; Tattooed Alba was telling me all about her latest celeb crush Zoe Saldana. Whew. I was glad she didn’t say Jennifer Hudson or Kelis- two celebs I’ve been told I resemble. She went on and on, and I was like: yeah she’s pretty.
I mean what else could I say? I like dudes.
Where was I? Oh yeah. Hans and Sebastian. They roll over to my desk to exchange pleasantries; Hans is carrying a small dog. Brutus…well that’s the name I gave the dog. He may have mentioned the name, but I was so amazed with the fact that pets are allowed! Am not into animals being everywhere…but if I decided to say bring a pet parakeet in who I taught to say only the phrase: eat a bowl of dicks
…then that would be cool!!!!

Of course McFinnigan has been by my desk like 15 times…and even put out there that he’s on Facebook and that I should look him up. An hour later he came back and wondered why we aren’t Facebook friends, I said: because you’re crazy.
Must’ve said it in a ‘nice’ way because he still thinks I’m awesome.
Because Mcfinnigan and Stiglitz work too closely together, I feel I should rid my soul of my love for Stiglitz and move outside of the office. Will stay inside the office building though- there’s a guard who works downstairs. He is adorable! I caught him checking to see if his pit’s smelled-from that moment on, I was smitten. We’ll see how it goes.
One more week here at fashion central…and then there’s a possibility I’ll be showing luxury apartments??
Cheers to positive attitudes!!

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